How to Ask your Boss for a Standing Desk (and get one!)

After being in the standing desk industry for over twenty years and having the first sit-stand desktop on the market, we know the importance that the right ergonomic standing desk can make in your health and productivity.  Just like it can be hard to ask your boss for a raise, you may feel uncomfortable asking for a standing desk.  But with proper preparation and research in hand, many people find that their boss or Human Resources Manager understands the benefits of a standing desk and sees the potential for return on investment through you.

Here are some tips for talking to your boss about getting a Standing Desk


Know Who to Talk to and Research Standing Desk Benefits

How to talk to your boss about getting a standing deskKnow the benefits of standing and have research to back it up. You can find some standing desk research on our website, such as a “Why Work Standing Up?” infographic, and standing desk information for managers.  You will also want to review your employee handbook and talk to your human resources department to see if there are any employee wellness programs, ergonomic resources, or benefits that would help support your need for a standing desk. Depending on the size of the company, you will also want to determine who to talk to about your standing desk, whether that be your direct report, someone in the human resources department, or someone else higher up in management.

Make the Request for a Standing Desk

Now it’s time for the hard part – making a request for the standing desk.  When making any work request, be sure to highlight your contributions to the company, whether financially or in other successes, such as completed goals or projects.  Make the case that you are an employee worth keeping, and keeping happy. When is the last time you got an upgrade to your office or workplace equipment? If the answer is never, don’t hesitate!  Just be careful to not over-ask if you just make a different request last month.  Be prepared to talk with your boss about the research you have done, the benefits you expect, and the cost-effectiveness of the standing desk that you have picked out.  As in any negotiations, don’t be demanding, but ask your boss for help in getting a standing desk to help you do your best job.

Anticipate Objections but be Prepared

It is likely that your boss will bring up objections to a standing desk. From the standing desk being a distraction, too bulky, or too expensive, do your research beforehand and be ready. Know what they are and be prepared to explain your reasoning.

Offer Standing Desk


how to talk to your boss about getting a standing desk - healthposturesWhen presenting standing desk options to your boss, don’t just show them the “Cadillac”.  They probably want to see products in a range of options, and there is a wide range of standing desks from very low-cost, to rather expensive.  Share three different options that you would be happy with, such as a lower-cost alternative, a higher-end standing desk, and a standing desk option that is near the middle.  This will show them that you are flexible and have done your research and are also looking out for the best interest of the company.

Get a Doctor’s Note if Needed

A doctors’ note or letter of medical necessity can help justify your medical need for a standing desk. You can still request a standing desk from your boss without a doctor’s note or medical necessity, but it definitely helps to show that the standing desk is more of a “need” rather than a “want”.  The team at HealthPostures has put together both a sample letter of medical necessity for a standing desk, as well as a sample letter of medical necessity for an ergonomic standing angle chair that you can share with your medical professional to get started. Medical doctors and chiropractors alike have recommended standing desks to reduce neck and spinal problems.

Expect Objections

It is totally natural for your boss to have questions or objections about your need for a standing desk.  Be prepared to provide your reasoning and answer questions calmly.  Be aware of mistakes that people often make with their standing desk, and how to avoid those.  Some common objections to sit-to-stand working include cost, product not being used as intended, unintentional display of confidential information, possible disruption to colleagues, or being a workplace distraction.  All of these perceived issues of standing while working can be addressed with a little bit of research.

Be a Squeaky Wheel

We have all heard the expression, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease…” and sometimes we each need to be a squeaky wheel. Be persistent but patient and respectful with your need for a standing desk.  Even if it takes some time it will be worth the effort and will make a difference in your health and work-life.

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