7 Easy Tips to Lose Weight at Work

Lose weight at work? Really, is it possible?   Let’s face it, most of us could stand to lose a pound or two. Today more than two third of American adults are considered overweight or obese.  But how do we lose weigh at work? Exercise and diet is the answer of course but with fewer […]

How to Boost Your Energy at Work

Its 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday and you’re working diligently on your computer like any other day of the week. You are busy typing up that expense report or answering emails when suddenly it hits. That late day tired feeling hits you like a ton of bricks and you get the urge to […]


Gone are the days of being forced to sit all day while working on a computer. Now, there is a better alternative: to buy a standing desk! Adjustable standing desks and other height adjustable workstations are fast becoming a popular way to work and for good reason. There are many stand up desk benefits compared to […]

Can your company’s productivity be improved?

Do your workers spend long hours in a computer workstation. you like to increase company productivity at your workplace? Sitting at a computer workstation for extended periods of time during the work day can lead to:   Lost productivity, Health problems related to repetitive stress injuries, Down time, Increased employee turnover, Absenteeism, Increased insurance and/or […]

HealthPostures Introduces New Sit to Stand Ergonomic Products for 2013

  HealthPostures introduces two new sit to stand ergonomic products for computer users that will re-energize the workplace. Sitting all day at work can be exhausting and some work habits of computer users may drain energy and cause fatigue in the office.  The Stance Move™ and the TaskMate Go™ are two new sit-stand products from […]

New Products Re-Energize Business at National Ergonomic Conference

HealthPostures December 3, 2012 – HealthPostures will unveil two new ergonomic products at the National Ergonomic Conference that will take place this month in Las Vegas.  Good ergonomic products at work will re-energize business by offering employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and bottom line results. HealthPostures specializes in sit to stand ergonomic products that encourages movement […]

TaskMate™Lift Table Provides Easy Height‐Adjustable Working

The new Surface TaskMate adjustable height work table from HealthPostures allows the user to raise and lower their tabletop, reducing physical strain and fatigue. A simple push of a button will easily adjust the height of the tabletop to the precise level that is most comfortable for the user. What makes the Surface TaskMate simple […]


Back by popular demand is the new and improved STANCE ANGLE CHAIR!   This new version of an old favorite will pack lots of new innovative features in a sleeker, more compact footprint. Among the new features of this Stance Angle Chair will be the ability for the user to achieve several healthy and energetic working positions. Forward sloped sitting, […]

TaskMate Encourages Sit Stand Ergonomics

Most people prefer to work on an adjustable workstation that allows them to stand part of the day while still working on their computers.  Now, the sit-stand Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures encourages good sit stand ergonomics by allowing computer users to move freely while staying on task. More Energy – Burns Calories – Improves Blood […]

HealthPosture Sit Stand Products Now Available through Synnex

HealthPostures, October 2012:  HealthPostures has partnered with Synnex distribution channels to make implementing a sit stand workplace easier for computer users. Given the nature of our work environments, millions of workers in the U.S. sit for most of the 8 to 10 hours in the office each day.  Research shows that working out before or after […]

Good Call Center Ergonomics

Call Center Ergonomics                       Good call center ergonomics can be the difference between a productive, dynamic call center and a lack luster, static call center.  The Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures will give call center associates the freedom to move from a sitting to a standing position while […]

Sit to Stand Ergonomic Products Promote Healthier and Smarter Way to Work

It stands to reason when a person sits on the job for 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year, that there is an increased probability of workplace injury and discomfort. Nobody would choose to work in pain and most business owners do not want to pay for missed days of […]