TaskMate Encourages Sit Stand Ergonomics

Most people prefer to work on an adjustable workstation that allows them to stand part of the day while still working on their computers.  Now, the sit-stand Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures encourages good sit stand ergonomics by allowing computer users to move freely while staying on task. More Energy – Burns Calories – Improves Blood […]

HealthPosture Sit Stand Products Now Available through Synnex

HealthPostures, October 2012:  HealthPostures has partnered with Synnex distribution channels to make implementing a sit stand workplace easier for computer users. Given the nature of our work environments, millions of workers in the U.S. sit for most of the 8 to 10 hours in the office each day.  Research shows that working out before or after […]

Good Call Center Ergonomics

Call Center Ergonomics                       Good call center ergonomics can be the difference between a productive, dynamic call center and a lack luster, static call center.  The Computer TaskMate from HealthPostures will give call center associates the freedom to move from a sitting to a standing position while […]

Sit to Stand Ergonomic Products Promote Healthier and Smarter Way to Work

It stands to reason when a person sits on the job for 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year, that there is an increased probability of workplace injury and discomfort. Nobody would choose to work in pain and most business owners do not want to pay for missed days of […]

Ergonomic On-Line Dealer Visits HealthPostures

We have been working with Ergonomic Home as HealthPostures dealer for over 10 years.  Through the years we have had many phone and email conversations about ergonomic products and issues.  We had a chance to meet Tom Gaede with Ergonomic Home.com last week when Tom paid a visit to our offices here in (now Prior […]

Why Do I Use An Adjustable Height Desk

When I started working at HealthPostures over 12 years ago I didn’t know anything about a height adjustable desk.  I was just like every other person who worked in an office, I sat all day.  I don’t have any type of medical issue that made sitting painful, but when you work for a company that […]

Smarter and Healthier Office Ergonomics – sit to stand is best option to move while staying on task

It stands to reason when a person sits on the job for 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year would have an increased probability of workplace injury and discomfort and a have a need for better office ergonomics. Most employees prefer good workstation ergonomics and would choose not to work […]

HealthPostures Sit Stand Ergonomic Products Are Now Available At New, Improved Website

HealthPostures, LLC has launched a new website to create a one-stop solution for sit stand ergonomic products. HealthPostures designs innovative, quality, sit stand ergonomic products that encourage a healthy interaction between people and tasks. The new user-friendly website has a streamlined look and features the innovative HealthPostures sit stand ergonomic workstations such as the Computer […]