Calories Burned While Standing

Would you like to burn more calories per hour? The number of calories burned with a standing desk is higher than when you remain seated.  An average person can burn 20-50 more calories per hour when standing. While this may not seem like a lot at first, it can really add up over time. In fact, it could help […]

Tips for Finding the Best Home Office Desk for Mobility

Are you exploring some of the best home office standing desks on the market for sit to stand mobility? Make sure to include the Health Postures TaskMate Series. You love your home. Love your home office too, when you add the ability to stand at your desk! Home office standing desks are increasingly more common […]

Ergonomic Solutions in the Workplace

Ergonomics is a topic of concern in many workplaces whether it is an office, school, manufacturing or healthcare facility. What is ergonomics? According to the International Ergonomics Association: “Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system.” Often ergonomics is discussed in relation to work environments […]

5 Ways to Feel Better at Work

Whether you work a desk job or are on your feet for hours a day, work can certainly take a toll on both your body and your mood. And unless you’ve recently won the lottery or are nearing retirement, that won’t be stopping anytime soon. Wouldn’t it be great to feel better at work and […]

New Study Links Standing Desks to Increased Productivity at Work

Are you looking for studies or data to support the purchase of standing desks in your office or organization? A new standing desk study shares evidence that standing desks increase productivity in office employees by almost 50%. With employees being more productive, making more sales and completing more projects, the payback and benefits of the standing […]

Stance Angle Chair May Provide Working Pregnant Women the Support They Need

HealthPostures, ergonomics designer and maker of the bestselling TaskMate sit/stand series, has developed the Stance Angle chair, furniture that may provide women pregnancy comfort. Potential benefits of using a pregnancy office chair include the prevention of fluid buildup in the legs and feet, improved rest and comfort and healthier levels of sitting and standing. Need for […]

HealthPostures Set to Appear at the North America Safety in Action Conference

The conference will be held from April 7-9, 2016 at Nashville, Tennessee’s Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. Injury prevention, behavioral safety practices and procedures and safety development strategies are highlights of the conference. TaskMate EZ HealthPostures’ sit to stand ergonomic products encourage an energetic work environment and will provide a sit to stand ergonomic […]

HealthPostures’ Scheduled to Exhibit at National Applied Ergonomics Conference

HealthPostures, a sit to stand workplace solutions developer, has announced that it will showcase key products from its ergonomics line at the 19th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference in Florida. Stance Angle Chair from HealthPostures The one thing I want people to take away from stopping in at our HealthPostures’ booth is that ergonomics is important […]

HealthPostures Set to Showcase at the National Workers Compensation and Disability Expo

The National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference and Expo, the United States’ largest expo, adds a leading ergonomics maker and health safety equipment distributor, HealthPostures, to its list of respected exhibitors. HealthPostures Sit-Stand Products Support while transitioning from a sitting to a standing position is a key gain that HealthPostures’ product developers work to provide […]

HealthPostures to Showcase Ergonomics at the South Dakota Safety & Health Conference

HealthPostures is a key workplace safety exhibitor, providing conference attendees with chance to experience innovative technology up close. TaskMate Go Dual Monitor Keeping workers healthy, instead of paying high costs to rehabilitate injured workers, is one of the answers that HealthPostures aims to offer (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 HealthPostures announced today that it will attend […]

HealthPostures to Promote Culture of Safety at 66th Annual Kansas Safety & Health Conference

Adjustable Executive TaskMate HealthPostures is committed to developing and advancing equipment that improves the physical health of workers TOPEKA, KS (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 HealthPostures, a front runner in the ergonomics and healthy workplace initiative, is scheduled to support the expansion of a culture of safety by appearing at the 66th Annual Safety and Health […]

HealthPostures Ergonomics to Appear at National Safety Conference

HealthPostures, a Midwest headquartered expert ergonomics firm, will exhibit at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) AUGUST 27, 2015 HealthPostures, a Midwest headquartered expert ergonomics firm, will exhibit at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. The National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization that has been […]